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Here are a few comments that I have received about the Calls that I make!

Hi Tim, I got my calls. They came in fine. They both are beautiful and the Turkey Carving came out great. I have played both, and one minute I think I like one better than the other then I change my mind. I really like the strikers. Each one gives the calls a different sound. First impressions, I think the ebony is going to become one if not my very favorite. They all have different characteristics and give different hen sounds to each surface. I guess I don't know my woods well enough, but of the light colored woods, is shotshell one maple and the other ash, or am I totally wrong. This is the first aluminum surface I have and I really like it and I can get soft or loud with it and the slate on the back, especially with the ebony striker. They definitely will be in the woods this spring. I can kee kee with the crystal and the aluminum already. I am very pleased and your quality is outstanding. Please let me know which light striker is which for my own curiosity. Thanks again Tim. Paul

Just wanted to pass on congratulations for the convention wins. Nabbing 1st place for best sounding friction call had to feel great ! All of your slate calls that I've won on eBay have been relegated to my vest (called a 21 pounder in with one of your spalted maple slates). I gave the curly myrtle slate away to a fellow hunter in PA. He tells me that I will have to pry his dead fingers from it to get it back. Best of luck with this great looking call. This one is probably out of my price range, but I look forward to winning some more in the future. Tony

Tim, I received the slate call you made for me in the mail yesterday. It is wonderful. Not only is it beautiful it has the most wonderful sound and tone . It has that special yeowk you only get out of slate over aluminum . Thanks again for an excep- tional call . I can't wait to try it out on these S.C. longbeards . Our season doesn't open till April 1st but I will be taking my son on a youth hunt the 26th. I will definetly be using your call and will let you know how everything goes .Keep up the good work. Thanks, Andy

Hey Tim, Thanks for the excellent call! It's exactly what I was looking for. This call will really crank out some high pitched yelps and clucks or anything else I want it to do. Besides sounding great it looks great also. The turkey here in Southeast Arkansas are tight liped right now and maybe my new call will get them fired up. Can't wait till morning to try it out. Thanks Again, Danny

Tim, I got the call today, Beautiful! The sound is unmatched by any call I have. Nothing even comes close. I am way more than satisfied with the purchase. You have just made me a dedicated customer, and as soon as my hunting buds see and hear it, you'll probably have a few more as well. Oh, and thanks for the extra striker, it's a very nice compliment to the call, and an overall nice thing for you to do. It was not necessary for you to include it, but thank you for sending it. I'm looking forward to having a few more of your calls. thanks again. . . .Tim R.

Tim, I received the Call yesterday when I got home from work. I think the call is great. My wife was about ready to kill me for making so much noise in the house last night. I never used a crystal sound board before but it sounds good. What do I use to rough up the surfaces of the call. The crystal already was roughed up but my wife rubbed it with the pad you sent along and now it's pretty smooth. Thanks again for everything! Eric

Hey Tim, Just wanted to send you a personal "Thank You". The slate call that you sent to me sounds GREAT!! Man I can't wait for the Spring Turkey Season. I knew I should have bought one from you last year, but screwed around and let another guy talk me into one of his, your call blows his away. Well if there is anything I can do for you, just let me know. The call sounds wonderful, and that's up against Tyree, Cody, RayTom, and the likes. I think I have found my new secret weapon!!! Thanks Bud, Shane

Hey Tim; Just got back from Hawaii, and wanted to let you know that I used your call extensively while there, and it is now the favorite one of the MANY that I own!!! It's the one I bought at the WI show. I thought it was slate when I bought it, but not so sure now....I see no dust when I scour it. Is it black aluminum? It's a two-sided call made from bocote, with glass on the bottom, which took honorable mention at the WI show...I've already got it packed for the trip to AL later tonight, but I think it is #398. Anyway, it is one helluva good-sounding call, and I'm sure glad I got it!!!! We had a great time in Hawaii, and stacked up the gobblers like cordwood....the four of us took 9 birds in 8 days. That is a wonderful place to visit, and to turkey hunt!! I can't wait to go back!!! Anyway, I'm oughta here and headed your way. There's turkeys gobbling down there somewhere, and I'm bound and determined to find a few. Will be hunting at Green Swamp for a while, then following the gobbling north until June. Will be using your call, until I wear a groove in it!!!!! Doc

Tim, I Saw my Dad yesterday and gave him two of the four Calls that we ordered from you! He liked both, but was highly impressed with the Ebony Pot with Copper over Slate..........That is the best sounding friction call we have and we each have approximately 50 Custom Made Calls from all over the Country! Thanks, Scott

I got my trumpet from Tim yesterday and it sounds just as good as it looks. Tim is holding nothing back on his trumpets. A fine craftsman from the word go!

Man Tim, this is a very nice yelper, bone mouthpiece and all. Great flame job on the osage and yes it does have all turkey in it. REAL raspy, at least how I'm workin' it. I'm also able to go from low to real high pitched hen yelps as well. Looks like you were a good study with the master. I can't thank you enough. Of course I played Jim's slate and that's a winner too, nice and light, easy strokin'...all turkey. Thanks, Dean

Tim, I got the Long Box Call that you sent to me today , very nice! I see you do it the old fashion way no spring on the lid, gives the call a little more versatility as to how a person can run it. Nice job Tim! Thanks, Mike

Tim, I received the Claro Graft English Walnut Trumpet Call yesterday. It is a Beautiful call! I have never used a Trumpet so I can tell it is going to take some practice to master! Occasionally I hit a note that sounds pretty decent! I can see I will have to pratice to gain confidence in using it. I do really like the call! Thanks, Les

Hello Tim, I got home from work to find the new calls. They are Fantastic! I've been scratching away and I love them - they are beautiful and well crafted too. My son keeps telling me I'm too old for anything new, but these things are as new as anything I can handle, and its going great! Thanks and regards, Joe

Hey Tim, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed doing businees with you.You're honesty and the timely manner in which I recieved my calls is commendable. To top it all off, the calls sound excellent and I look foward to using the call this spring. I can't wait to give the other call to my hunting friend. I know he'll be just as pleased as myself. I will continue doing business with you and will pass along your name with fellow hunters. I'll probably be getting in touch with you in January. Thanks Tim. I hope you and yours have a great holiday. Mike

Tim, Got that trumpet!~!!!!!!! IT is a singer!! I love it.. I think a few turkeys will meet their demise using it!! HA HA!! THANKS AGAIN it is just awesome!!! Mikey

Tim, I got the Trumpet Call yesterday. Beautiful call. The figure in the wood is outstanding and the Axis deer horn ring in the bell really sets it off. I have been playing it some, and it really sounds good. Thanks. Les

Tim, I got the call and it is great, I love the sound and it is beautiful also. Both strickers sound great on the call. I can't get the pics to open up and don't know how to post them. Maybe I can take a picture and post myself. Thanks for the trade, I am happy with your call. Wendell

Tim, Just got home from my business trip and found the Harper in the mail. What a good job you have done w/ this call! I am very impressed to say the least. Thanks! Bill

Tim, Outstanding work on the call you sent and it plays very sweet. Thanks! Chad

Tim, Call arrived today . Man is it sweet! Now I am having an interest in trumpets . I realy like the cert. you send with it makes a nice touch of class . Nothing but first class from ya!. I will keep it in a safe place no matter where I go with it . Thanks again Tim and as always keep the nice work coming with the fresh ideas you have . John

Tim, I got the best trumpet I have ever had in My hands, today in the mail!!!!! I have never played one very much, and I'm already making it sing like a hot old hen. My wife is out of town with the Camera, when she gets back I will post some pics. Thank you so very much for a great Trumpet!!!! Bobby

Tim, The yelper arrived Sat. The call is super nice and sounds great....thanks again. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..... Craig

Hi Tim, I just returned from the cabin. By the way I really appreciate having a couple of your yelpers in my collection. They are GREAT! Thank YOU, you are becoming one of the BEST and I am so proud of you Tim. Rod

Thank you for a nice piece of work! Take care. Preston

Hello, I ordered a cocobolo double slate call from you a while back and just wanted to share a photo with you. Thanks for a great call that worked very well at getting two mature Gobblers to come into my setup which allowed me to get one of them on the ground! The Tom was 19lbs,7/8in and 3/4in spurs and a 9in and 6in double beard. Thanks again, Emile Dionne

I had a great hunt in WA. Called in a gorgeous Rio/Merriam hybrid with the tube call you made me. Thanks for your attention to detail and your high level of skill and craftsmanship. I am promoting your calls wherever I can. Best regards, Andrew

Tim, I just wanted to let you know that I used a combination of the KOA wood slate and Mango aluminum calls I got from you a month or so ago to call in one of the Tom's I took in Texas. I thought they sounded good indoors. Outdoors they sound just plain awesome. Thanks. Les

Tim, Got the call in the mail today. I know what will be in the vest come saturday. Thats a real nice call, user friendly too. Thanks a ton Rob

Tim, I really enjoyed meeting you and your wife. I can't thank you enough for driving me to and from your home. I only wish we would have had all day to talk turkey ! Visiting with you and seeing your work was one of the highlights of my vacation. It is always a pleasure to meet someone who shares the same passions. The two calls made it home OK. They are awesome sounding as well as beautiful ! I can't wait to hunt with them ! Thanks again, Todd

Tim - Thanks very much for the slate call. Your call is the best sounding friction call I own or have heard. Will report back to let you know how the Turkey's in New Hampshire like it. Kind regards,